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Potential Consequences of a DUI:

  1. Your Driver’s License: The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) can suspend your license before you ever appear in court — unless you take you take quick legal action. Depending on the level of alcohol in your system or if you refused to take a breath test, your license will be suspended for a minimum of 180 days and could be up to two years. If you are convicted, you could get an additional 12 points on your license and your license can be revoked. Obviously, being unable to drive to work, to the doctor, to see friends, to visit family, or to run errands is a good way to ruin your life.
  2. But there are things you can do, and which I can do for you:If you request a hearing in time, you may be able to keep your license until your court outcome. I can maximize your chances of winning at this hearing. If you later are found not guilty of the DUI charge, or if it is dropped, you keep your license.If we get a downgrade of the DUI to a lesser charge, you may keep your license. Even if you are convicted, I can help shorten the length of time you will lose your license. It is also possible to get you a restricted license so you can at least drive to work.
  3. Jail: Several different factors will be involved in having a prosecutor or a judge order jail time if you are convicted. All DUI offenses carry the possibility of some jail time. The maximum penalty for a DUI is 1 year in jail for a first offense, 2 years for a second offense, and 3 years for a third offense.
    • Do you have a prior criminal/traffic record?
    • Did you cause an accident and were there any injuries because of the accident?
    • What was the level of your intoxication?
  4. Career: Even if you go to jail, the DUI does not go away. Job applications may ask about your criminal history and employers can and often will verify this with a background check. Having a lawyer fight to get you acquitted or get the charge dropped is the best way to protect your reputation—and your career.
  5. Money: Hiring an attorney and paying fines can add up. Here are some of the costs you could end up paying:
    • Attorney’s fees: Many attorneys charge a minimum fee of $1,500 and fees for some of these cases, depending upon the situation, could exceed $5,000. My fees are very reasonable because I want you as my client and I understand how expensive this entire process can be. I also recognize that if you become my client, there is a strong likelihood that I will impress you and you will use me or refer your friends to me for other legal matters.
    • Court imposed fine: A fine for even a first time DUI can be up to $1,000. See the section under Penalties for more detailed fine information.
    • Probation and Court Costs: These are costs that a defendant incurs from the court and the probation department.
    • Alcohol Treatment/Education: As part of many DUI cases you will be required to take some form of DUI school course or alcohol treatment program, and you will have to pay for it.
    • Ignition Interlock: Depending on the severity of the DUI, you may be required to install an interlock device. This can be very expensive.
    • License costs: Reinstating your driver’s license – if it is revoked, also has fees.
    • Insurance: Having a DUI on your record will raise your car insurance rates.
  6. You could be looking at several thousand dollars. It is amazing to me that many people don’t consider hiring a lawyer because they’re worried about the cost – if a not guilty verdict is obtained, many of the costs disappear! A few hours of a lawyer’s time could save you thousands of dollars.
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Call now for a free case review that will include
a report you can use even if you do not hire me
(410) 500-0000