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A Fighter In Your Corner After A Baltimore Auto Accident

Auto accidents leave individuals with severe injuries that often includes surgical procedures and ongoing physical therapy. They also leave people in financial turmoil. Given the cost of medical care in the United States, people are left wondering how they will pay for their doctor bills after the accident.

I am Baltimore auto accident lawyer Elan Rafael and I advocate for those in Maryland who get injured in any of the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Semi-truck collisions
  • SUV accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

In many cases, insurance companies will step up and offer you a settlement compensation package. It may sound lucrative but how do you know if it’s really enough?

Seeking Maximum Compensation

I know the tactics insurance companies use. Their offers often do not take into account all compensation you are due. If you are injured, contact me. I can help ensure you have a fighter in your corner and that you get maximum compensation today and in the years to come.

Questions? I Have Answers.

Many people come to me with questions about auto accidents in Maryland. Below are a few answers to common questions I often receive:

What Types Of Compensation Can I Recover For My Serious Auto Accident Injuries?

There are several things that car accident victims can recover compensation for, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Other damages may apply depending on the specific circumstances of your accident.

Do I Need An Attorney For My Claim If The Insurance Company Already Offered Me A Settlement?

Yes. It’s possible that what the insurance company offers you won’t be enough to recuperate your losses from the accident entirely. Consulting a personal injury attorney can help you understand the total value of your claim. Legal representation in a personal injury claim also enables you to get the most compensation possible.

Should I Notify My Insurance Company? What About The Other Party’s Insurance Company?

A person should always notify their insurance company of an auto accident. But this can be done AFTER speaking to an attorney. There is no penalty and nothing bad will happen, nor will anything be delayed by talking to an attorney first.

When you do talk to your insurance company you should explain that you were not at fault for the accident and that you are simply reporting the claim. If you have rental coverage and your vehicle is not drivable, have your insurance agent set up a rental for you.

You are not required to notify the other driver’s insurance company, but eventually, if you want to pursue a negligence claim, you will need to report the claim.

What Is Contributory Negligence? How Does It Impact My Auto Accident Claim In Maryland?

Contributory negligence is a legal phrase that means that you, the claimant, in some way, contributed to the car accident. As Maryland is a contributory negligence state, this means that if you did contribute to the accident – even if you are only one percent at fault for the accident – you are barred from recovering any compensation. This is why it is vital to always talk to an attorney before speaking to or revealing any information about the accident to any insurance company.

Why Is It Critical To Get Immediate Medical Treatment After An Auto Accident?

First, if you are hurt, even if your injuries seem minor, you should see a doctor. Underlying injuries could be present you are unaware of. Second, seeking medical care right away serves as evidence in your claim that you were injured and sought treatment. Who will believe that you had an injury if you didn’t get medical care right after the crash? No documentation is equal to no claim for injury and compensation for that injury.

Additional Questions? Contact A Baltimore Auto Accident Lawyer.

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