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The Law On Dog Bites In Maryland And Your Recovery

Dogs are America’s best friend. They are friendly companions that come in all shapes and sizes. But, sometimes, they can be dangerous – even ones that have never had a propensity to bite.

An Overview Of An Owner’s Liability

In the state of Maryland, the law is strict on dog bite liability. In general terms, a dog owner is liable for “any injury, death, or loss to person or property” while “running at large.” The owner is liable even if the dog never exposed prior aggressive tendencies or even if the owner took measure to prevent the attack.

This law applies to both dogs who bite and cause injury but also dogs that attack and cause injury.

Exceptions To The Rule

There are always exceptions to every rule and Maryland’s dog bite law is no different.

Owners will not be responsible for a dog bite or attack if for instance, the individual injured from the dog was trespassing on the owner’s property or the individual injured was teasing or tormenting the dog. There are other situations that will also negate an owner’s responsibility.

Experienced Legal Assistance

For those who have suffered injuries from a dog bite or attack in Maryland have the right to pursue compensation. I can help.

I am attorney Elan Rafael and I assist Baltimore families injured from dog bites or attacks, including children physically and emotionally injured. I can help recover compensation to pay for medical bills, such as emergency room care, doctor visits, surgical procedures – even counseling.

Working With An Insurance Adjustor

It may be tempting to work with the insurance company on a claim without getting legal help involved. This is certainly an option but not advised. This is because you may not know what compensation you may need in the future. Insurance adjustors will often offer a one-lump settlement that will bar any recover in the future.

With my help, I can ascertain every type of compensation you can recover under the law and help you recover what you need today and, in the years, to come.

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