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What should you know about 18-wheeler crashes in Maryland?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Truck Accident Injuries

Semitrucks are much larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, especially when a rig is fully loaded. When one of these massive vehicles slams into a smaller passenger vehicle, catastrophic results can occur.

Someone who’s involved in a semitruck crash may decide they want to seek compensation to help cover their financial damages. Understanding some of the common causes of these wrecks may be beneficial so they can determine who to hold liable when they take legal action.

Causes of semitruck crashes

There are many potential causes of semitruck crashes. Truckers are sometimes to blame if they’re not driving in a safe manner. These crashes often include fatigue, impairment or distractions. Other drivers can sometimes contribute to the cause(s) of a crash too. This is often because they impede on a semitruck’s right of way or drive in the “no zones” around the rig.

A few other contributing factors include:

  • Trucking companies: Setting deadlines that are too tight or setting guidelines that encourage unsafe driving
  • Maintenance and manufacturing companies: Improper maintenance and defective parts can lead to equipment failure that causes crashes
  • Improper load securement: Cargo can shift or come off the rig if it’s not loaded properly

It’s possible that multiple causes will be factors in a single crash, so it’s critical that an investigation is done to determine the actual cause so the proper parties can be named as defendants.

Catastrophic injuries are possible

Semitruck crashes can lead to significant injuries, including those involving the spinal cord or brain. Anyone who’s involved in a wreck involving a semitruck should get immediate medical attention. Prompt care can help them to get the treatment they need as they heal. In some cases, these conditions have lifelong symptoms that significantly alter their future.

Legal claims stemming from semitruck crashes can be rather complex. Seeking legal assistance may make this process less stressful. A legal representative who’s familiar with these matters can help with everything from determining who to hold liable and how much compensation to seek.