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Were you injured by a reckless driver?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Maryland drivers aren’t strangers to difficult driving situations. Being so close to the nation’s capital, it’s not uncommon to see drivers from all around the country who are just trying to get familiar with the new roads.

However, being unfamiliar with an area doesn’t excuse reckless driving. Drivers who have a blatant disregard for traffic laws create a huge danger for other drivers on the road, with devastating consequences for all involved.

Recognizing reckless driving

There are a lot of behaviors that could be considered reckless driving, depending on who you ask. Generally, reckless driving can be any behavior that puts others in immediate danger, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating and weaving through traffic
  • Swerving or lane splitting

It can be easy to spot a car that’s going 20 miles over the speed limit. But many other factors go into determining whether a driver’s behavior was reckless or not.

For example, driving just five miles over the speed limit isn’t normally considered reckless. But if the roads are slick or covered in ice, that could be considered reckless.

Distracted or impaired drivers

A lot of times, drivers may not even realize their behavior is reckless. This could be because they’re distracted by other drivers in the car or their mobile devices.

Other times, it might be because they’re drunk or otherwise impaired. Being distracted or under the influence isn’t an excuse – and in fact, can get careless drivers in even more legal trouble.

Impact of reckless drivers

In addition to the financial damage that comes with getting into an accident due to reckless driving, there’s also the emotional and physical impact. Many drivers have a brief period of being scared to drive again, and even more drivers and passengers will sustain serious injuries.

These injuries can range from mild to severe. At worst, there could be severe head and spinal cord injuries that could leave the victim with permanent injuries.

Oftentimes, these victims’ lives are ruined through no fault of their own. That’s why there are such serious legal punishments for drivers who cause accidents due to their reckless driving.