How Can A DUI Lawyer Help Me?

I can help you in several ways.

I will obtain all of the evidence and information that the police have regarding your DUI arrest charges. I will carefully analyze this information to see if there were any errors, or if any of your rights were violated. I can negotiate with the prosecutor to try to get charges reduced or dismissed.

I can help you make an educated decision on whether to take the case to trial. If the case does go to trial, I will utilize my training and experience to present the most effective possible defense.

You must understand that not every DUI is the same. To get the best possible result you need an experienced lawyer who knows the nuances of Maryland DUI laws to combat the State’s Attorney.

If you do this by yourself you are facing an experienced Maryland lawyer (the Assistant State’s Attorney) who knows the rules of evidence, went to law school, and who has probably prosecuted and prepared hundreds of Maryland DUI cases. These factors don’t even begin to contemplate the MVA administrative hearing process.

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